Suman history traces its roots even before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores. Despite the Philippine’s early colonizations, Suman has retained its authentic and distinct Filipino taste through the centuries. The term suman is generic and comes in various shapes, sizes, and region where it originated from. To name a few variants, there’s plain suman, suman sa ibus, suman sa gata, and suman sa lihia.

Latik [laˈtɪk]

Visayan; refers to caramelized coconut cream sauce, often used as a dessert sauce or topping for rice desserts, kakanin, and suman.

Amparo Cuna Sabinosa or “Tita Paring” has been preparing the popular delicacy in Manila since the pre-war era, and over half a century later, had redefined and perfected her own version of the famous Tita Paring Suman Latik.

Suman Latik is basically “suman sa lihiya” with sauce that originated from the Samar province. It comes in a distinct, triangular shaped, glutinous rice cake wrapped in banana leaves, and glazed with our signature, thick, and very rich Latik sauce. It is our pride and joy to offer only the finest native delicacies to our customers, bringing delight to every bite as the “World’s Best Suman”!

Tita Paring's Suman Latik

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